Sally Duxfield


With over 20 years of experience in the experiential leadership training world, Sally helps her clients develop a greater understanding of the strengths, both individual and team, that are present; she assists teams to build Resilience by understanding ‘Body Chemicals’, ‘Personality Types’, and how we react or act under pressure and then provides the tools and a unique environment for deep learning and leadership growth to occur.

Sally is an expert in designing experiential programmes to allow participants to 'feel' leadership; supported by the science that supports leadership behaviours. Her her vision is to inspire organisations to immerse themselves in experiential learning; using the natural environment, partnered with neuroscience to intensify leadership learnings, build high performance, resilience and wellbeing in business, corporate and national sports teams.

Dream, plan, do, be

Sally uses experiential pedagogy, (you get to do, feel, ask, write, draw, scribble and doodle) she moves and provides unsolicited humour, and most certainly will not use any form of electronic interaction.

Participants can expect:
• To be challenged
• To be uncomfortable
• To laugh
• To be inspired
• To have a range of options to choose their and their teams ‘where to from here’
• Maybe the odd epiphany or two
• Leave with a starting point and a plan

Outline of the Masterclass
1) refresh on the neuroscience of stress;
2) this leads into the identifying of the, “I/we want to feel in our work teams”, using the Emotional Culture Deck designed by Jeremy Dean of which Sally is a practitioner;
3) Introduce and use Sally’s book (1 of a series of 5) and her Annual Planner which you will receive as part of your investment in the Master Class. Based on Sally’s thought leadership on Eisenhower’s Matrix, you will learn the why, and then start on the ‘do’ of your personal daily, weekly, monthly and annual rhythm.

Part 1
Building Resilience in Tough Times – know the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to control stress (yours and your teams) (topic refresh from Palmerston North PMAANZ Conference)
An absolutely fascinating and highly relevant (and engaging) session on how the rhythm of day and rhythm of business influences performance, mental wellbeing and team health. Sally passionately delivers this session to her high-performance sports clients; it’s relevant, it’s so logical but not well understood and it’s an absolute ‘gamechanger’.
Key Outcomes:
1. You will take away the knowledge of why you should control and lead your own and your team’s response to stress (the neuroscience piece)
2. Your team and personal life will be greatly affected by the tools that you will explore in this session. If you have children – this will be a game-changer

Part 2

Leading and Building a Healthy Team – We can look after your employee’s mental wellbeing because it’s a legal requirement or we can explore how to nail compliance while deeply nurturing your team and increasing your productivity while increasing their wellbeing – Using the Emotional Card Deck (ECD) – Jeremy Dean, Riders and Elephants (NZ)
• Understand the behaviours of a great team and how it would ‘feel’ at work in the perfect world
• Explore the chosen ‘feelings’ of the team vs. team values (interactive session)
• Have a ‘start point’ to pursue ‘emotional wellbeing’ within your team and leave with identified ‘feelings’ that your team will pursue for mental and physical wellbeing

Part 3

The One Planning Tool You Need! – Reduce stress, increase productivity, stop pedalling like a frenzied hamster and get control of your day, your week, your year. This deep dive into the ‘planning tool’ (Eisenhower’s Matrix with Sally’s Thought Leadership), gives you the practical lessons and science behind the structure, innovation of clever allocation of time. Unlike you’ve seen before with guaranteed benefits to individuals and teams.
Key takeaways:
1. How to effectively plan your personal diary and day – the science of the behaviours with practical tools
2. Your team’s rhythm, ‘increase productivity’, less stress, higher engagement
3. Know where to start on your planning control journey – reduce stress, increase joy, gain control of your world (the first bite of the elephant)

Sally will be available (in the exhibition area) over the course of the conference to meet with you should you wish to book a 45 minute, 1:1 session to explore your leadership journey, personal growth and dive more deeply into any on of the topics delivered. Booking details and timings will be available prior to Conference.

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