Sally Duxfield


With over 20 years of experience in the experiential leadership training world, Sally helps her clients develop a greater understanding of the strengths, both individual and team, that are present; she assists teams to build Resilience by understanding ‘Body Chemicals’, ‘Personality Types’, and how we react or act under pressure and then provides the tools and a unique environment for deep learning and leadership growth to occur.

Sally is an expert in designing experiential programmes to allow participants to 'feel' leadership; supported by the science that supports leadership behaviours. Her her vision is to inspire organisations to immerse themselves in experiential learning; using the natural environment, partnered with neuroscience to intensify leadership learnings, build high performance, resilience and wellbeing in business, corporate and national sports teams.

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Kawe Roes

Master of Ceremonies

Kawe Roes is a dad, broadcaster, cultural advisor Māori, story teller and journalist from the Tainui people of Ngāti Rereahu iwi in the King Country. Kawe has worked across radio, TV and print for the last seven years from producing to presenting his own current affairs show on Māori TV, named Kawekōrero.

He launched the first ever weather segment which highlighted the maramataka to help normalise Māori knowledge again. He was raised in the town of Mangapēhi near Te Kūiti by his grandmother Amohaere Kawe-Roes who instilled in him the tikanga, kawa and values of Te Ao Māori.


Tabby Besley

Keynote speaker

Tabby Besley (she/her) is the founder and Managing Director of InsideOUT Kōaro. She has been volunteering and working in rainbow communities for 13 years. In 2015 Tabby’s work was recognised internationally, as she became the first and only New Zealander at the time to receive a Queen’s Young Leader Award.

Since then she has received a number of accolades for her work, including being made a finalist for Young New Zealander of the Year in 2020. Alongside her mahi with InsideOUT she is studying counselling and addictions and hopes to be part of improving and providing more mental health support for rainbow rangatahi in future.

PMAANZ Tabby Besley

Jo Henson

Reception day

Jo is a change culture and process improvement geek! She has a reputation of going into the corners, lifting lids and pushing envelopes – so that teams can see more clearly what needs to happen to make successful change. With a strong sense of ‘people matter the most’, Jo is driven to empower people to have exceptional workplace experiences.

Whilst delivering programmes of work to the iwi, finance and education sector; Jo has built up a solid reputation as an experienced change facilitator in general practices and PHOs. She has worked across 47 practices leading change culture and process improvement for the Wellington and Wairarapa region. Jo currently works for two PHOs as well as project leading an indigenous model of care for a health agency. Jo also runs a successful consultancy firm outside of this.


Dr Elizabeth Berryman


Founder and director of chnnl, Elizabeth is a governance guru, with roles on both industry and community-based boards. She has a wealth of experience in the health sector, starting her career as a Registered Nurse in community Maori Health, before becoming a Medical Doctor.

Liz is focused on solutions that help workplaces combat issues such as employee burnout, depression, anxiety and suicide, and is an active researcher in this space. After founding a peer-mentoring program for medical students and seeing its success, she is now wildly passionate about supporting people’s mental wellbeing through digital tools.

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Samantha Murton


Dr Samantha (Sam) Murton is a working Wellington GP and Senior Lecturer and Trainee Intern Convenor at University of Otago, Wellington and the President of The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. She was the College’s first medical director and is passionate about supporting general practice. Sam advocates for the profession at a national level, and she does this while maintaining practical experience that keeps her advice relevant and realistic. In all Sam’s roles she champions collaboration and transparency.

PMAANZ Samantha Murton

Jasmine Wren


Jasmine is a personal trainer based in Grey Lynn- Auckland where she enjoys working with an array of people within the community. With 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, her passion and expertise are focused on helping people achieve their exercise and health goals. A lot of Jasmine's work is around injury prevention and recovery. She can tailor exercise programmes to create pain free movement in a gym space and in everyday life.

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