Sarfraz Ahmad

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Sarfraz is the indici platform manager from the beginning of indici development in NZ and provides strategic leadership to indici teams in several countries. Sarfraz has Masters in Health Informatics from Trinity College Dublin. Over the past 15 years in his role as Health Informatician at Valentia Technologies Sarfraz has lead the development of primary care systems with focus on enabling mobile workforce & patient engagement in pre-hospital space. Since 2015 Sarfraz and family has made Hamilton their home and loves great Waikato river walks and the outdoor adventures.

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Dr Elizabeth Berryman


Founder and director of chnnl, Elizabeth is a governance guru, with roles on both industry and community-based boards. She has a wealth of experience in the health sector, starting her career as a Registered Nurse in community Maori Health, before becoming a Medical Doctor.

Liz is focused on solutions that help workplaces combat issues such as employee burnout, depression, anxiety and suicide, and is an active researcher in this space. After founding a peer-mentoring program for medical students and seeing its success, she is now wildly passionate about supporting people’s mental wellbeing through digital tools.

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Ian Bennett


Ian Bennett is the CEO and a Digital Transformation Consultant at Business Refinery. Working with large and small business implementing technology solutions, to streamline business processes. He enjoys most using modern workplace tools such as the Power Platform to Automate, Integrate and refine the way kiwi businesses operate.

Modern Workplace Productivity with Microsoft Office 365: Smarter ways of working is now normal expectation in the workplace. Discover some tips and tricks on how to drive better productivity and open communication channels between your teams.

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Cathy Baynie


Cathy has worked as a practice manager and consultant in the Australian healthcare sector for over 30 years. Cathy has a background in nursing and held the position of National President for the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM) from 2017 to 2020. Cathy is now on the National Healthcare reform committee as well as many other Government committees.

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Nicole Bremner


Nicole has a long career in television journalism that includes a number of speciality reporting roles and working as a producer on a range of programmes. She started her career at TV3 (now Discovery NZ) before moving to TVNZ in 1997.

Nicole has covered Police and Justice, Consumer Affairs and Health as specialty areas. She is currently the Senior Health Reporter for 1 News - New Zealand’s highest rating news programme. Nicole has also worked on Breakfast, Holmes, Close Up and Fair Go. In 2011, Nicole took a break from journalism and worked at the Heart Foundation as its Communications Advisor.

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Fiona Bolden


Dr Fiona Bolden has been a rural GP for 25 years, initially in the UK, then as a practice owner in West Coast Health clinic Raglan for 17 years and now in Whangamata. In between times she has worked as a rural GP locum in many places across the North Island. Whilst in Raglan she became involved in the Northern Waikato PHO and Midlands Rural SLAT. She worked with local kaumatua for over 10 years to improve access for the Tangata Whenua to health care in the area. She was also the driver behind a community suicide prevention campaign which resulted in over 60 members of the community going through further training.

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Kay Brittenden


Kay has a background of hospital nursing, adult teaching (taught Business Admin and Computing) and practice management she has managed practices for many years – no not going to say how many.

While on the PMAANZ executive, she looked after the education portfolio and during that, time developed the KASF.

And after all that she has learnt one or two things……..

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Jade Chase


Jade Chase (Ngāti Tūwharetoa) - Chief Advisor Pae Ora, Māori Health Directorate at the Ministry of Health is a Māori leader, design thinker and equity expert passionate about social justice and creating impact at scale. She has an eclectic background in midwifery, youth development, Māori health, strategic leadership, project management and co-design design and has worked at all levels of the health system, including primary care. Alongside whānau Māori, rangatahi and service providers, she has designed a number of large-scale initiatives addressing child poverty, SUDI, hapū māmā support, health care access and issues impacting rangatahi Māori. Jade lives in Pōneke but home is Kirikiriroa where her two adult children and mokopuna reside.

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Angus Chambers & Philip Grant


Dr Chambers was born in England and came to New Zealand at a very young age. He was raised in Christchurch by a GP father and a health activist mother. Dr Chambers studied medicine at Otago University and has been a GP in Christchurch since 1990. He also has a degree in Law from Canterbury. He was a long-standing part-owner of Riccarton Clinic – a practice with approximately 17,000 patients which also provides Urgent Care services. Dr Chambers became involved in PHO affairs in the early 2000s and was appointed Chair of Christchurch PHO until last year. He is Deputy Chair of the General Practice Owners Association, GenPro, and it is through GenPro that his is one of two Contracted Provider Representatives for PSAAP – as appointed by the Contracted Provider Caucus. His interests are his family as well as conservation - the land, rivers and bush.

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Jane Cullen and Catherine Gerard


Jane Cullen is the lead advisor, quality improvement at the Health Quality & Safety Commission. Prior to commencing this role in November 2020, Jane was the quality improvement advisor working with the primary care improvement programme: Whakakotahi, meaning ‘to be as one’. Jane is a registered nurse. She holds a master’s in quality systems (with distinction) from Massey University. Her masters research was conducted in primary health care improvement and she is a current PhD candidate on the same topic.

Catherine Gerard is assistant director, health quality intelligence at the Health Quality & Safety Commission. Her role includes supporting the Commission’s health quality intelligence work, including responsibility for the national patient experience survey programme and the Atlas of Healthcare Variation. Catherine has recently returned from a secondment at the Ministry of Health as programme manager, system level measures and health system indicators framework. Catherine’s background includes managing a clinical research programme and clinical guideline implementation.

PMAANZ Jane Cullen

Philleen Dickson


Utilising her lived experience of post-natal depression and bipolar affective disorder, Philleen has used her experience of living with mental illness to contribute to mental health services as an adviser, program manager, independent consultant, and trainer.

20 years working in the menatl health sector has enabled Philleen to weave her personal experiences into her everyday practice, understanding the significant impact that can be made when working from a lived experience framework.


Mary Ford


Mary has been a Practice Manager and involved in PMAANZ for 20+ years. She currently works in a 4 Doctor GP practice close to the town centre of New Plymouth. She spent 19 years working in the largest practice in Taranaki with 18,000 enrolled patients over three sites, total staff of 70: including 18 doctors and 20+ nurses. She is Chairperson for the Taranaki PMAANZ and have been for several years, prior to Chair was secretary/treasurer.

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Becky George

Becky is passionate about advocating for clinical professions across the health and disability system, particularly within the context of digital health and innovations. Whilst working as interim Clinical Director with Data and Digital, at the Ministry of Health and studying for her Doctorate, she applies her experience in clinical informatics and digital health to provide strategic clinical leadership for the Hira Programme. Becky is an Occupational Therapist, Associate Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, Ministry of Health Clinical Liaison for CiLN, and was elected chair of the Health Informatics New Zealand Board for 2019 - 2021.

PMAANZ Becky George

Jo Henson

Reception day

Jo is a change culture and process improvement geek! She has a reputation of going into the corners, lifting lids and pushing envelopes – so that teams can see more clearly what needs to happen to make successful change. With a strong sense of ‘people matter the most’, Jo is driven to empower people to have exceptional workplace experiences.

Whilst delivering programmes of work to the iwi, finance and education sector; Jo has built up a solid reputation as an experienced change facilitator in general practices and PHOs. She has worked across 47 practices leading change culture and process improvement for the Wellington and Wairarapa region. Jo currently works for two PHOs as well as project leading an indigenous model of care for a health agency. Jo also runs a successful consultancy firm outside of this.


Andrew Inder


Andrew is our Head of Operations, an experienced Health System Manager with over 20 years’ experience. Andrew held the senior role of Manager Community and Ambulance for the Ministry of Health, accountable for the strategic leadership, overall management and delivery of a portfolio of national programmes run by key teams in the areas of Primary Care, Pharmacy and Aged Care sectors, National Emergency Ambulance sectors. Andy was also responsible for the implementation of the National Information Technology Infrastructure (National Enrolment Service).

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Jeff Lowe


Dr Lowe graduated from the University of Otago in 1984. For the past 30 years he has been GP Owner of Karori Medical Centre. He is currently Chair of GPNZ, trustee of Cosine Primary Care Network, Deputy Chair Integrated Care Collaborative and Clinical Lead for the Health Care Home Collaborative.


Dave Letele (AKA Brown Buttabean)


Former professional boxer, Dave Letele (AKA Brown Buttabean), is a South Auckland community leader who uses his platform to advocate for families in need. Having grown up with a father who was the president of the Mongrel Mob and in and out of prison throughout his childhood, Dave understands what it means to struggle.

It took Dave a near-death experience to pull him out of a downward spiral. From there, he embarked on a journey that led to him owning several businesses, playing rugby league all over the world, becoming a professional boxer, losing almost 100 kg in body weight, and starting over.

PMAANZ Letele Dave

Bharat Mahajan


My background is in nursing and health management sector where I gained extensive experience in mental health nursing, rehabilitation, transformation strategy, human resources, and change management. I have a strong commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, equity, social justice, and inclusion. My leadership approach is one that achieves improvement and change through authentic relationships based on integrity and trust.

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Amarjit Maxwell


Amarjit has a passion for Primary and Community Care. She has been involved in the transformation of primary health care in Aotearoa, New Zealand, through her support for the business case and implementation planning for the ‘Better, Sooner, More Convenient’ mahi at MidCentral and Wairarapa. She has worked at the Ministry of Health supporting the PHO Services Agreement and was also part of the inaugural team that began the roll out of the Health Care Home Model of Care across the Capital and Coast DHB region. Amarjit has also worked in local government, both in the UK and Aotearoa, New Zealand where she managed a number of teams, including Community Development, Finance, and Planning, Performance and Research. Amarjit is excited about the current health reforms and is hopeful that the Pae Ora legislation will bring much needed change in the health and wellbeing of our whānau and communities.

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Suzi McAlpine


Suzi is a leadership coach and author of the bestselling book, Beyond Burnout, which reached the top 10 non-fiction book sales in Aotearoa New Zealand - and the award-winning blog, The Leader’s Digest. She has been featured in the Sunday Star Times, ONE News, the Sunday programme, Radio New Zealand, the NZ Herald and Inc. Magazine.

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Justin McCullough


Senior Auditor, Audit & Compliance, Ministry of Health since 2006. Justin has spent most of this time auditing the financial claiming of different health providers, with a particular focus on PHOs and General Practice and financial claiming based on patient registers.

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Samantha Murton MNZM


Dr Samantha (Sam) Murton is a working Wellington GP and Senior Lecturer and Trainee Intern Convenor at University of Otago, Wellington and the President of The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. She was the College’s first medical director and is passionate about supporting general practice. Sam advocates for the profession at a national level, and she does this while maintaining practical experience that keeps her advice relevant and realistic. In all Sam’s roles she champions collaboration and transparency.

PMAANZ Samantha Murton

Paula Penfold

Closing speaker

Paula Penfold is a journalist in the investigative documentary-making team Stuff Circuit.

She has a 30 year career in journalism across radio, television, and print, and has reported from all over New Zealand and the world.

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Andrew Stacey

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Good quacks and bad quacks. The phenomenon of health practitioners fabricating their qualifications, obtaining professional registration and/or practicing without authorisation and without the requisite expertise has a lengthy and colourful history. It continues to occur with some regularity.

There are a range of different motivations for people spuriously assuming the identity of health practitioners. This presentation highlights a number of well known cases, and then discusses the various attributes and characteristics of bogus health practitioners, highlighting the roles the regulatory bodies and courts can play to prevent and deter such offending.

Wendy Slight


Wendy Slight has been a Practice Manager since 1999 and joined Newlands Medical Centre in 2010.

Wendy is a member of the Practice Managers and Administrators Association of NZ (PMAANZ), a past Wellington branch secretary and Chair, National PMAANZ Executive secretary, and the 2019 Practice Manager of the Year. She is also the first non-Australian to be made a Fellow of the Australian Association of Practice Management (AAPM).

PMAANZ Wendy Slight

Hema Patel

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Hema is Medtech’s General Manager of Medeor, Medtech’s integrated payments solution. As an Accounting Fellow, Hema is applying her strong commercial acumen to drive business outcomes for General Practice. Hema is an experienced software leader and passionate about technology as an enabler of improved health outcomes. Through Medeor, Hema is shaping how primary care businesses operate in New Zealand.

PMAANZ Hema 400 x 300

Chrissie Patterson


Chrissie Patterson is General Manager of Product Strategy at Medtech Global. She has been working in IT and Software Development in the Health Sector for over 18 years across both the public and private sectors in New Zealand and Australia. Medtech has led the market in Practice Management Systems (PMS) in New Zealand for nearly 30 years, and Chrissie has worked with Medtech for over 16 of them. Starting in the support team, Chrissie has worked in QA, Business Analysis, Release Management, Customer Support Management, Product Management and is now General Manager of Product Strategy.

PMAANZ Chrissie Paterson

John Thompson


Solving the critical issues facing our clients in NZ comes from a deep dive into the behaviours of debtors and defining strategies that ultimately deliver payments back to our clients. Our experience is real, our data is on-point and our attitude is empathetic but firm”.

John has analysed and designed strategies across a broad range of B2B and B2C networks both in NZ and in Europe. Experience has shown him that debtor habits can be unique or similar at any stage – the wedge of success is the effective coupling of data with outstanding communication channels.

PMAANZ John Thompson pic

Kawe Roes

Master of Ceremonies

Kawe Roes is a dad, broadcaster, cultural advisor Māori, story teller and journalist from the Tainui people of Ngāti Rereahu iwi in the King Country. Kawe has worked across radio, TV and print for the last seven years from producing to presenting his own current affairs show on Māori TV, named Kawekōrero.

He launched the first ever weather segment which highlighted the maramataka to help normalise Māori knowledge again. He was raised in the town of Mangapēhi near Te Kūiti by his grandmother Amohaere Kawe-Roes who instilled in him the tikanga, kawa and values of Te Ao Māori.


Siouxsie Wiles


With her bright pink hair, Dr. Siouxsie Wiles is hard to miss! She’s one of the country’s most recognised and respected scientists, trained as a microbiologist. At the Bioluminescent Superbug Lab at Auckland University, Siouxsie and her team make nasty bacteria glow in the dark to find out what’s making us sick with the aim of finding new medicines. She still can’t quite believe she gets paid to do it for a living.


Jasmine Wren


Jasmine is a personal trainer based in Grey Lynn- Auckland where she enjoys working with an array of people within the community. With 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, her passion and expertise are focused on helping people achieve their exercise and health goals. A lot of Jasmine's work is around injury prevention and recovery. She can tailor exercise programmes to create pain free movement in a gym space and in everyday life.

PMAANZ Jasmine Wren pic

Julie Yee & Mary Higham


Julie Yee is a Strategic Partner in the Health Sector Partnerships team at ACC since 2018. She is based in Wellington and trained as a pharmacist in Victoria, Australia. She has worked in a variety of roles in health and has managed a large general practice and PHO in the Wellington region. She has the pleasure of holding ACC’s sector relationship with PMAANZ and several other allied health organisation's linked to pharmacy, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists and orthotists.

Mary Higham is an Engagement Performance Manager, based in Tauranga for the past 18 months. She started working at ACC in 2004 and has been in this role 17 years. As part of her role Mary is a “champion” for the General Practice and Nursing Portfolio. She is a Registered Nurse and has worked in General Practice.

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